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Latest News !!!!

Thank you Mick Duff for forwarding on documents on the recent water charges that were updated last week.

They are on the IA Facebook page but I have uploaded them here as well in PDF version so they are easier to download. ( Go to page IA October 2014 for more details)

You can go to the Facebook page for the latest pictures on our most recent meeting at the Aisling hotel in October. Thanks to all who attended and made it such a great day .. I really believe in Strength in numbers and a problem shared is a problem halved!

Talk soon Cepta !

Please note that the IA Ireland web site is now been incorporated to the main UK website.

Please go to http://ireland.iasupport.org 

The Irish Facebook site is also been regularly updated with relevant information for you .


Thanks so much for taking the time to visit this site over the last year .

Talk soon !